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Brendon Burns: Y’Know- Love ‘n’ God ‘n’ Metaphysics ‘n’ Sh*t - One4Review


4 Stars

This was a very different gig from the comedy genius that I have for years held Brendon Burns to be. He has been a favourite of mine for absolutely ages and I certainly was not alone in thinking that as he always seems to have the sold out signs on his posters very quickly indeed.

On entering the Udderbelly, unusually one was greeted with the guitar playing of Aussie Dave Eastgate to entertain while people were being seated, in fact he was on stage more than the Maestro as even when Burns was doing his set, he generally accompanied with Eastgate on acoustic guitar and occasional comments.

Burn’s show is usually tight as a drum, I felt this one was far more fluid, he still packed in a whole load of material, but the banter between the two, not to mention occasional audience interruptions gave the whole gig a different feel than what I and many others are used to.

Burns has spent a lot of time in the US and his material starts off with a section of some anecdote of incidents encountered, moves on to the Mardi Gras Festival a homecoming gig in Perth, texting, apathy and religion. A whole host of potential for him to expound upon and in his own inimitable style he did.

Real success is something this guy deserves. For years he has put in the hard graft and it has over the last year or two he has finally be recognised by all. He would probably admit he is not for everyone, but give him a chance as I did all those years ago and if he is to your taste, he is addictive. Be warned.

And don’t leave early!!


Reviewed by Geoff

E4 Udderbelly V 300

5 to 30 August

21-55 to 22-55

Fringe Brochure P 37

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