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Stephen K Amos – Weekend Talk Show  - One4Review

In this genre that is becoming more and more popular in the Fringe, Stephen K Amos is doing a late night version at weekends and whether it is the charisma of the man who is wicked in his stand up, or clever bookers, but he is certainly getting an A List guest list. The house band of the night was Tripod, these three talented Aussies who perform comedy songs with flare and are normally playing at the Spiegel Gardens. The guests were the larger than life Faith Brown, who is appearing with Her Boys in the Buff at The Pleasance, Scotsman reviewer and TV producer Kate Copstick and a excerpt from Yamato Chambara, The Samurai Sword playing at Pleasance. Amos tells a few gags, gets the guests to chat about themselves and shows, either their own or in Ms Copstick’s case shows she has reviewed and a further number from Tripod and it was all over. There are only another couple of shows left this year so be quick to the box office, as it’s rumoured a certain A List movie star could well be a guest on Friday. ****

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