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Kevin J: Council Estate of Mind 3*** - One4Review

Kevin J: Council Estate of Mind  3***

| On 23, Aug 2015

Kevin J has a slightly vague start to his show, possibly because he had to cover the issue of the hard-to-find room, but it slows him from getting into his stride.

Soon, however, his comments about a reviewer questioning his “street” credentials get the crowd laughing. He covers a lot of related topics, such as the strangeness in his area, of actually having both parents at home, to dad’s criminal record, to his granny double-bluffing burglars.

Kevin J hails from the notorious Broadwater Farm Estate, so naturally he discusses gang culture; more surprisingly, perhaps, he talks about what he and his peers wrote in the school yearbook, getting into a job, and the gentrification of Tottenham. He mulls over how he is different from his peers, having got a degree.

The title of this show held great promise, and although the show was fun, it felt that it never quite got going enough to live up to its potential.

Reviewed by Gill

Gilded Balloon, 22:15 1 hr until 30th Aug

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