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The Amazing Bubbleman 4**** - One4Review

The Amazing Bubbleman  4****

| On 23, Aug 2015

The Amazing Bubbleman does live up to his name – it is a wonder what he can do with simple bubbles. Every child loves blowing bubbles, but the wide age range was surprisingly attentive throughout watching someone else getting to play!

From bubble chains to bouncing bubbles, giant ones, bubbles that move up a rope, and even getting his bubble fans kissing bubbles, there’s a lot of fun and silliness. Then he breaks out the smoke gun, making the lines between bubbles clearer, and more interesting. This is followed by steam, to make bubbles rise.

His musician keeps the mood with music through the quiet bits, then he takes his time to banter with the audience, before embarking on some popping experiments, and getting out a water pistol.

Bubbles rose to the ceiling, while others sprinkled down onto the front few rows. No one could object about the lack of bubbles, and the variety of things you can do with them. I’d have loved a little more of the science of how it all worked, but we were all entranced by the never-ending bubbles.

Reviewed by Gill

Assembly Rooms, 11:05am 1 Hr, Until Aug 30

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