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Chris Stokes: Altruism in Birds 3*** - One4Review

Chris Stokes: Altruism in Birds 3***

| On 23, Aug 2015

Chis Stokes has had a very bad year or so. He has gone through a divorce, a breakdown and has even given up comedy for a while, driving a van for an animal charity to make ends meet, before an epiphany which singled his return to the world of stand-up. Or should that be sit-down as this Black Country lad, who looks about 12, perched on a stool for the majority of his set in the hottest room on the Fringe, well some others are worse in my opinion.

The subject matter for the show obviously deals with his pain at the break up, his being an introvert, a discussion on age not necessarily equalling wisdom, the Dunbar number, no I had never heard of this before either, along with anecdotal slices as life as a van driver and attempts to get back into the dating game. Oh and of course how he managed to spend hours with an injured seagull.

I don’t think the audience went with him on his journey as much as he hoped, but ever the professional he soldiered on and won most over before the end.


Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Attic

Until 30th August

22.45 to 23.45

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