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Nathan Caton: Straight out of Middlesex 4*** - One4Review

Nathan Caton: Straight out of Middlesex 4***

| On 23, Aug 2015

There is no doubt in my mind that Nathan Caton is a funny guy and comes across as a nice one too. He is adept at his crowd work and on the night I saw this I wondered if this was his show this year for it did seem to drag on quite a bit, but no there was a show and once he really started a thoroughly good one as well.

Caton’s laid back demeanour is maybe testament to his Christian belief and the possible quandary of being a stand-up yet this has been checked out with his priest and it’s okay. I for one am glad.

The subject of over political correctness is addressed as well as his family, which as he still lives at home is to the amusement and winding up of his mates. Stag night trip to a gentleman’s club, an unintentional photo circulated to the wrong people, and himself being accused of being racist when discussing a guy’s hair colour, and a bit of a rant about the Scottish 5p bag charge other ports of call along the way.

Nathan Caton is a comic well worth catching any chance you can


Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance 10 Dome

Until 30th August

20.00 to 21.00

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