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Catherine Bohart :- Immaculate 3*** - One4Review

Catherine Bohart :- Immaculate 3***

| On 11, Aug 2018

I first saw this comedian two years ago on a shared bill show and thought she had more in her locker than the time allowed. Now she has her debut hour I was keen to see if I was right in my assumption.

Flame haired Ms Bohart breezes into her space, making contact with the audience and putting everybody at their ease prior to launching into the guts of the hour.

She is the daughter of an Irish Church deacon, she is bi-sexual and she is a chronic sufferer of OCD. Surely plenty to be going on with… and it was.

Her well written performance lays out some of the issues she had, the coming out to her mother and father, he dad especially as he was her friend as well as her parent, the issues of her sexuality in her native Ireland, the struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, so bad she was hospitalised for a while as well as delving into the somewhat complex issues with her parents early lives.

There would be some who would have made this a confessional style piece, but not her. No, her delivery, her engaging stage presence and the ability to finds jokes with it all make this a good way to spend an hour.


Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Bunker 2

18.15 to 19.15

Until 26th (not 14th)


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