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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum : Shed Theatre - One4Review

3 Star


It has been a while since I had seen this piece performed. It is always been a musical I have liked, so what is it doing in the theatre section?

The whole cast of 23 yes, that many young actors welcome the busy audience into the theatre, then took to the stage for the rousing opening number ‘A Comedy Tonight’ and I thought that’s good nice voices good interpretation of Sondheim, Sherlove and Gelbart song and the show was off and running.

But to my huge disappointment this was the only number, and an awful lot of the humour in the show is in the songs in my opinion.

That aside the show was very good. The cast were without exception excellent, the direction sharp and although the set was basic it generally worked. The only criticism was that the beaded doors did allow backstage movements to be seen which was distracting.

I loved the pace which was constant, and the costumes were really good too.

Okay the show is dated in some respects, but I still loved it. Just why drop the music? Especially as the chorus voices seemed to be so good.

Reviewed by Geoff

C Chambers Street (-1)

Until 18 August

12-30 to 13-40

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