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In The Pink - Fantastic Female a Cappella! - One4Review

3 Star


I do like a Cappella music. And judging by the crowd who attended the show I saw I am not alone.

For the eight year this troupe of all female singers are doing good business on the Fringe and it is easy to see why. Ten young women in a variety of little black dresses accessorised with a pink sash each took turns to lead the vocals and supply accompaniment when not in the spotlight through their 50 minutes.

The musical choice was varied and at times neatly merged from one song to another and back again and there is no doubting the vocal ability of the group.

I feel their only drawbacks are that occasionally the lead is swamped by the backing and I was sitting near the front, I dread to think if I was at the back and if I am being ultra picky then the occasional spoken links could do with being sharpened.

Still as always an enjoyable 50 minutes.

Reviewed by Geoff

C Chambers Street (-1)

Until 17 August

14-00 to 14-50

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