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Go To Gaza, Drink The Sea - One4Review

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5 stars

To be perfectly honest had it not been for the Guy Masterson name attached to this production it would not have made my Fringe viewing list.  With this subject matter my first thought was – don’t we get enough of this sort of thing on TV?  Actually after seeing this No!

Co-written and directed by Justin Butcher and Ahmed Masoud. This harrowing yet poignant piece of theatre deserves to be seen by the whole world not just Fringe audiences in Edinburgh. Written very much from the heart as Ahmed is from Gaza, this play had me sobbing and laughing from the very first. Utilising real news footage from 2005 to the present day , it is horrific to realise only in December 2008 a 26 day conflict killed 1,400 people leaving 5,500 injured and that it occurred since the last Fringe.

Superbly written produced and performed by Amir Boutrous, Fisun Burgess, Damian Kell, Rupert Mason, Alia Al-Zougbi and Nizar Al-Issa who composed the music and played the Oud as well as performing.

The stage set seemed strange until I linked the piles of shoes with similar piles seen today in disused concentration camps. The newsreels displaying atrocity, after atrocity and injured men women and children. I really do not want to put anyone off seeing this play as it touched me to the core and hope it gets to others. Could I give it 10 stars I would but sadly I can’t. If you can only see one piece of theatre this fringe make this the one!


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