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Band on the Break - One4Review

I was first attracted to the Magnets after seeing the ‘International Men of Mystery’ an acappella group from Oxford who were performing at C venues.  I have since heard them perform on various occasions along the Royal Mile and managed to get a ticket. Magnet, a body that attracts by virtue of a force produced by the motion of its atomic electrons and the alignment of its atoms. The Magnets, six bodies that exude irresistible attraction by virtue of the melodies produced by its joint voice’s and moving alignments of their bodies. ‘Band on the Break’ is the story of the bands development from busking on the streets, through ‘Boy Band’ school, via Geri Halliwell, Tony Blair, Tom Jones and the Royal Albert Hall.  The mixed and varied type of music produced by the human voice alone amazes most of the audience. The way the show is put together with little video links to allow them a breath between numbers adds a little extra humour. The Magnets are Nic Doodson, James Fortune, Andy Frost, Colin Griffiths Brown, Steve Trowell and Michael Welton. With looks to appeal to almost every possible audience member they seem to have the full package. It is really unfair to pick any one member out for mention but Andy ‘Lips’ Frost’s drum solo, must be seen to be believed, he is truly amazing. I have seen several special shows and this one is truly fantastic. ***** They have a continuing ambition in that they want to be number one!  Well you are! You are the number one photo on one4review 2004.

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