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Paul Ricketts - Ironic Infinity - One4Review

One of this show’s main topics was comedy itself, asking if “funny isn’t enough” for a stand up. So, is it? This show was funny. I enjoyed it. Is that enough? It’s certainly better than some hours I’ve spent at the Edinburgh fringe.

The point is funny not being enough to get Ricketts bigger and better gigs, to move up the ranks, and to stand out from the stand-up crowd. So what do his advisers want? As a former stand up myself, I sympathise with the well-meaning but not necessarily helpful advice often offered. And with the question he kicks off with, of whether flyering actually works.

Ricketts gets in a solid base of gags as his starting point, before explaining his attempts to deal with this varied, sometimes conflicting advice. His mimicking of comic cliche phrases and moves is very funny, leading to some enjoyable observations about the culture of youth, and even gags on African starvation and cancer. He’s a brave man to tackle those subjects – thankfully, also a funny man. Other topics include the riots, bucket lists, consumerism, new ailments, race, age, vajazzling, bodily functions, and politicians, making it a packed, laugh-filled hour. And that’s enough.

Reviewed by Gill Smith

Just the Tonic at The Caves

To 26th August (not 23rd)

22:20 to 23:20

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