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Bridget Christie: -  - One4Review

There is a lovely looseness about Bridget Christie’s show. There are, of course, the scripted sections of stand up and really strong visual humour but in between she seems to veer off at a tangent. If it works, she goes with it and, if it doesn’t, her attitude is well sod it, just get back to the script. I like the chances she is prepared to take. Her performance is built around her fixation with Charles II after she saw his portrait as a child. She goes into the character of the King, who then acts as a compere for a selection of characters of the period, each of whom have their take on the 21st century. There is the big contrast between a laid back Samuel Pepys and the crazy witch hunter Matthew Hopkins. The most unusual part of the show is her interpretation of the plague – a touch of surreal humour. With Bridget Christie don’t expect a totally slick act. What you will get is a performance which is funny, whacky and idiosyncratic.   ****

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