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The Sound of Music Drag Show   - One4Review

To some people "The Sound of Music Drag Show" could be their worst nightmare ever! To me, and many others the mere thought is enough to set you into fits of laughter. Little was I prepared for the sincerity and obsession some people treat this show with. We meet Maria (Jessica James), the nuns, the captain, his children, the Baroness and other expected and un-expected characters along the way. In essence we do get the storyline of “The Sound of Music” but we also get a whole lot more.  We also get most of the well-known songs some of which are adapted slightly with modern twists and one or two cuckoos in the nest.    The performers are continually raising the standards of campness, pushing boundaries before them. The miming hilarious with added vocalisations, the dance routines crazy, the whole show is so over the top I defy anyone not to enjoy it. The costumes range from glorious to gaudy and it is said there are more changes, glitz and glamour than in a Kylie Minogue spectacular. This Australian company not only prove Priscilla was Queen of the Desert, but that Drags Aloud are about to take over the Fringe! Whether you like "The Sound of Music” or hate it.  If the thought of a “Drag Show" leaves you cold summon up the courage to give this phenomenal show a chance before it is too late and is sold out. This is liable to be one of the hot tickets of Fringe 2007, love money nor Austrian born Dictators will be able to get a ticket for this show soon. *****

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