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About the Jacobites - One4Review

Bruce Fummey is establishing himself as a regular Fringe performer with his own brand of stand up comedy. There are certain comedians who are born with a natural presence. He has that gift to go on a comedy journey and the audience is happy to accompany him. This year it is an historical journey through a violent period in British history from the times of Henry VIII to the defeat of the 1745 Jacobite rebellion. Nevertheless, there is plenty of scope to display the humorous side of modern life such as the Scots abroad, the delights or otherwise of porridge and the Highland midge. If you are born outside Scotland, in England for example, don’t worry that there is anti-English theme. The 1745 Jacobite rebellion was a British civil war pitting Scot against Scot, and indeed there were significant numbers of English mainly from the north who supported the Jacobite cause. This reveals the serious theme that underlies the humour. Past and present conflicts are oversimplified and prejudice is a constant danger. Enough of the serious stuff, Bruce Fummey’s routine is funny, tinged with a theatrical quality, and is sustained right to the end for what seems a very short hour. ****

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