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The Reduced Edinburgh Fringe Impro Show - One4Review

The Reduced Edinburgh Fringe Impro Show
If you have ever looked at the Edinburgh Fringe programme and thought where do I start, I know I certainly have. How do I select the good shows from the dross? Well, this could be the show to help you. Or then again ā€¦. What this show does do, in fact has been doing for a few years now, is to take random audience selected shows from said programme and give a potted and personal interpretation of them using all the skills of impro comedy that they have under their belts. Host for the night Gareth Kane sets the scene and what happens then is for the next hour this intrepid troupe rattle through a series of show, some improvised scenes lasting seconds some longer and one broken down into three parts in a mini serial. This style of show has been a popular genre for a while now and with Scratch! one thing is certain the quality is  guaranteed. So did the show aid my Fringe viewing in any way? Yes it did, I was glad Iā€™d picked their show to watch and you should select it too as it is a sure fire hit.   ****

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