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Croft & Pearce: Do it Like a Lady - One4Review


4 Stars

Now if there is one thing that sketch comedy needs is a slick presentation.  A running gag or two, some quality material and able performers help as well of course, but for me anyway any dead time, when nothing is happening looses all the energy that has been built up.

Hannah Croft and Fiona Pearce, our two comedy actresses must agree with me for from the off until the conclusion an hour later they delivered one of the slickest shows of this genre I have seen in years. And as there was plenty of funny material too, I started to try and list the different sketches, but sheer numbers defeated me and together with an evolving running gag into the bargain all my boxes were ticked.

Although probably 12-00 is not the most ideal time for a show of this type it was already attracting a healthy sized audience on the performance I attended and on leaving after the end of this packed hour everybody had a smile on their face. So just maybe it’s the ideal start to the Fringe Day.

Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon Balcony

1-27 August (not 15)

12-00 to 13-00

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