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Rule of Three : The Sketch-Com - One4Review

**** 4 Star

As a rule I don’t really count myself a huge fan of sketch comedy, but when I came across Rule of Three a couple of years ago I was really impressed with the company and their show as they had a certain something different. I was therefore keen to see what they were up to this year with their offering The Sketch-Com.

Brooks Livermore, Roisin Rae and James Card are the three performers and they have expanded their sketch show format into a full hour of what is in essence a sit-com, with the versatile actors playing a whole myriad of characters that are in the lives of Ben and Ruth a modern couple and Ruth’s uncharismatic brother Simon who doesn’t want a party for his birthday. But the others do and he tries to arrange one.

Peripheral characters such as co-workers, acquaintances, dating agency staff, a pizza delivery boys and even the most unlikely stripper  are just a few of the creations that flit in and out of the story as with just a few costume changes and the occasional prop the yarn runs its course.

Now the story line does get a little contrived at times, but in doing so gives the intrepid trio an excellent vehicle to showcase their comic character work and no mean skills in writing. The show is pacey and well directed, and their acting performances are certainly uplifting.

With a mid afternoon slot it is an ideal way to warm up the chuckle muscles for the long Fringe day ahead, so why not give this a chance.


Reviewed by Geoff

Underbelly Delhi Belly V 6

25 to 29 August

14-55 – 15-55

Brochure page 118

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