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Karen Dunbar - One4Review

Last year I wasn’t particularly looking forward to going to see Karen’s show, but loved it. Since then I’ve seen her compere both Charity gig Copper Bottom Sunshine and the Gilded Balloon press launch and thought wow, this girl really rocks, so was really looking forward to seeing her this year. Ms Dunbar bounces onto the stage wearing a top hat and tails to the 70’s song ‘You can do Magic’ remarking on how she looks like Jerry Sadowitz with a sex change and then launches into a slightly prolonged welcome to her audience. Karen is a proud Scot of course, but I feel the ‘tartan’ material that dominates her set is fine for Scotland, but on a non- Scottish stage would it go down so well? I somewhat doubt it. As I have lived north of the Border for a long time, so I could pick up the true comedy value, and I really think this lady has an awful lot of potential to be a major player, not only that, she has a tremendous sing voice as the finale demonstrates, something that was hinted at with snippets earlier in the show. This is a must show for Scots who admire home grown talent, a show worth visiting for others from further a field, I just felt sorry that in the show I saw many would not have appreciated her as much as they could have given the material choice. ***

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