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Kai Humphries - Evolution - One4Review

**** 4 Stars

It’s useful at times to visit showcase type shows as occasionally you pick up gems that would otherwise have passed you by. Such a case in point is young Geordie comic Kai Humphries, who I saw doing ten minutes last year. He was not performing his own show then, but was a finalist in ‘So You Think You are Funny.’ This year however the lad is here with his first Fringe show and is handling it with aplomb.

There is something about the Geordie accent that I find appealing and that together with a wicked sense of humour that most I have met seem to be blessed with and already I am well desposed to them. Kai is more gifted than most though.

His set plays fairly heavily on his background and upbringing, but the well crafted and extremely funny writing, combined with the chatting to mates in a bar delivery style soon had the crowded venue with him and laughing from the off.

The title Evolution is referred to occasionally as he expounds his visions of the future, but he goes to many places with his material. He does stuff on his relationship, the preconceived idea that Geordies are thick, arguments as well as his future predictions for the human race. He is often the butt of his own stories and finishes off with a couple of stories that are probably worth the admission money alone.

Humphries will be a big star in the future playing spaces far bigger than he is currently, so to catch an emerging superstar early grab the chance while you can.

Reviewed by Geoff


Underbelly Delhi Belly V 61

5 to 29 August

17-25 to 18-15

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