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4 Poofs and a Piano  -  Strictly Neurotic - One4Review

4 Poofs and a Piano  –  Strictly Neurotic
Having seen 4 Poofs, before I had an idea of what I was in for, seeing them in a larger space gave them more room and a chance to move round a bit. They are Stephen De Martin, Ian Parkin,  David Roper and David Wickenden. Most people will be aware of them from Friday night with Jonathan Ross. The Edinburgh Fringe festival gives them a stage literally upon which to display their ample talents. They do have a CD on sale and if you are very very lucky they will have some left for after the show. The show is entitled ‘Strictly Neurotic’ again the label describes the content the neurosis of each member as well as joint neurosis.  The show is designed to please every member of the audience covering all but the very young.  The songs they pen themselves are very funny and the joining segments great, the dance moves have to be seen to be believed. Some musical numbers I particularly like were the bitching about Divas, being neurotic, Viagra Tango, Set free the inner Chav, Calm Cool and Strictly Neurotic, Tesco saves and the wonderful ‘Enormous Penis!’ Spend the pink pounds getting your face pink laughing at and with the 4 Poofs and the big pink piano. ****

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