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The Summer I did the Leaving - One4Review

A long haired, bra wearing, fiddle playing Irish stand up comedian using an inflatable tent as a prop has to be definitely unique. Aindrias de Staic’s story is one of journeys, geographically and musically as a young lad of 17 growing up in a tough world. It all begins with mackerel. He wants to go to an Irish folk festival to learn to play the lyrical music to coax the mackerel to jump out of the river at night in the bright moonlight near his home in rural Galway. By chance he ends up in Glastonbury, discovers drugs and hangs out with lesbians. His long hair and Mediterranean good looks he can use to transform himself into a potential attraction. His story moves on to London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and finally back home. His fiddle playing now becomes an integral part of the story. In order to make ends meet, he can convincingly adapt to playing what is needed in different circumstances whether it be gypsy music or American blue grass. This is a performance of warmth, invention and wit. He draws you in to his story and absorbs to the very end which I will not reveal. Delightful and I think the audience would have been up for a musical encore but sadly no time. ****  

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