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Justin Moorhouse's Ever Decreasing Social Circle  - One4Review

It usually doesn’t bode well for a performance when the act has to ask audience members to leave right at the beginning of the show.  Fortunately Justin Moorhouse wasn’t having to forcibly eject problematic hecklers, rather a 10 year old girl and her family.  This is an act, he assured, that wasn’t really for kids. The act itself centres round Moorhouse’s quest to find his 5 genuine friends out of a pool of 641.  This follows on from his gran’s assertion that you are blessed if you can count the number of genuine friends on one hand.  By sending a questionnaire out to this large pool of friends he was able to narrow the field and produce people he could consider true friends.  Hence the ‘Ever Decreasing Social Circle’.  The resulting countdown allowed Moorhouse to cleverly weave his way though observations on the categories he asked people to complete.  Daily Mail readers and racists were discounted, as were bungee jumpers and people who disliked Morrisey. Moorhouse’s brand of comedy  could be considered typically Northern.  His material was rooted in the familiar, yet he still milked laughs from the audience at every opportunity.  His friend count eventually ended up at 4, 1 less than his target.  This means that on any night you too could have the opportunity to become Justin Moorhouse’s friend.  Based on this show that’s not a bad position to be in. ****

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