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Martin Mor: A Man You Don’t Meet Everyday - One4Review

5 Star


Martin Mor certainly lives up to the title of his show. Once you have seen him you will never forget him that’s for sure.

The man is larger than life in every aspect, he is a big guy, has a huge beard, long hair and a multitude of ink about his person, but what is probably the most outstanding thing about him is his gigantic personality and comedy mind.

The basis of his show this year is how others see him and the venue is decorated with various pictures of the man painted or drawn by acquaintances and one done from descriptions of him by school kids.

Mor is a born raconteur, and his massive stage presence together with a well crafted, yet seemingly spontaneous material makes this seem to be the quickest hour of the Fringe to date.

To used a hack phrase, Mor owned it, the stage, the stage and at least for an hour the minds of the sell out crowd. Don’t miss out at any cost.

Reviewed by Geoff

Stand Comedy Club II

Until 26 August

20-10 to 21-10

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