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Jarred Christmas: Let’s Go MoFo - One4Review

4 Star


Jarred Christmas is a well seasoned comic, an excellent compere but in his heart he is a dancer (!!) as illustrated in his New Zealand traditional Haka opening.

Christmas is in control from the onset, but it is a Sunday night crowd so maybe he has to work harder than he should, but with the challenge down in the opening dance he rises to the occasion like a trouper.

The material is not the most ground breaking but what the hell, he is a funny guy and with the breaks into short routines of dance, it’s obvious his appearance on Let’s Dance for Comic Relief have left an impression.

His material ranged through his heritage, his family, brave fetes he has achieved, joining a gym and school. And where does a rubber chicken fit into all this?

The closing section of his set sees him being assailed by an arsenal of nerf guns while attempting to answer questions. Why? Just go and find out I suggest you are guaranteed to be in safe hands throughout.

Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon Dining Room

Until 26 August

21-30 to 22-30

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