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Vikki Stone: - Hot Mess - One4Review

4 Star


How to describe Vikki Stone!! She is a funny comedian, she is a fabulous singer, and she is one hell of a piano player. She is so talented it could almost be unfair to everyone else around and it is totally understandable that she is selling out virtually every show, with even extra dates added.

But to the show, Ms Stone is no stranger to the Fringe and this does show. Her opening song and initial comedy routine set the standard, and she goes on to explain the show title. And we are off, on a roller coaster of some of her irreverent songs, funny gags and she even introduces a Stone version of Deal or No Deal into the equation.

It’s no secret that Vikki has a thing for silver fox Philip Schofield even dedicating one of her songs to him, which se managed to play live on ‘This Morning’ where she also met The Hoff another one of her fancies.

Strangely single she has a section on dating backed up with some hilariously funny material and of course a song along the way and then it is all over. All over that is until her ‘encore’ and another of her crushes gets the Vikki treatment.

If you can get a ticket, she is a very entertaining performer that should not be missed.

Reviewed by Geoff


20-10 to 22-10

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