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Silent Disco - Visual Galaxy - One4Review

Silent Disco is far and away the best fun you can have with headphones on.  Or off.  Or on again.  The principle is as follows: on arriving at the venue you will be given a set of headphones through which two DJs are broadcasting two different sets through the two different channels.  Stick them on your bonce, get on the dancefloor and dance the night away. It’s a bit of a weird feeling at first, being surrounded by people who are wandering along like zombies, lost in their own little world of dance.  However you soon get used to it and begin flicking away between the two channels to hear how varied the sets are.  It’s great fun to watch people either dance all as one on the same channel or completely at odds with each other.  If you’re on the packed dance floor take a moment to lift off the headphones and take a look around, as it’s a bizarre sight seeing everyone jumping about and waving their hands in the air when there’s absolutely no music filling the main hall.  A little like the lunatics have escaped the asylum. Fears that it may be anti-social spending the night with headphones clapped round your lugs are soon dispersed.  Everyone is marvelling at the sheer genius of the concept and spend the night with a look of sheer happiness on their faces, encouraging a really positive, joyful atmosphere, where you can sit down next to anyone and ask them ‘how mad is this?’ I was only going to stay for a while, but got utterly swept along by the music, the atmosphere and the wonderful sight of people having a thoroughly good time.  Get together some mates, grab your glowsticks and get down to Silent Disco as soon as you can.  You won’t be disappointed. *****

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