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Camille – La Fille Du Cirque - One4Review

There is a packed out Speigel tent, there is a sense of anticipation in the air suddenly the 5 piece band take the stage, piano, bass, guitar, drums and sax, but where is the main reason all of us are there. Ou est la chantreuse? A touch on the shoulder,  a caress of the hair, all glammed up in black Camille emerges from the rear of the tent singing in her sensuous style and the experience begins. As only she can this siren of song leads the entire audience through the gambit of emotions, she can sing smoky ballads, jazz and pounding rock with  material written by the likes Nick Cave, Jacques Brel, Tom Waits and David Bowie. She is, in my opinion, at her very best when interpreting Brel numbers, but together with the superb backing band is a totally unmissable experience. Given the the level of commitment she puts into her performance I hope she can sustain the same level for her run, she must be exhausted after each show, and the crowd exhilarated at having been fortunate to enjoy the all too short hour plus that the extravaganza lasts. *****

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