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The Censor - Anthony Nelson - One4Review

For six years Frank, Eric Robinson, has worked in a dingy office as a film censor at the lowest end of the hierarchy of the organisation and he has been asked to pass total pornography by the producer Shirley Fontaine, Julia Jack. Miss Fontaine uses all of her feminine wiles and her sexuality in an attempt to win over the censor into at least fighting her case with higher powers that be. Frank’s dissatisfied wife, Hayley McGill, is seeking solace with David, a fact Frank is aware of but lets continue, but the dynamic alters slightly as the meetings and relationship between censor and pornographer develop and intensify. This Anthony Neilson play is a powerfully written piece and all three actors are truly believable in their roles. The play’s director Morna Burdon has done a fine job especially given the acting space available, and David Wylie delightfully lights it. All in all, UWS Productions can be well pleased with their Fringe debut production and I look forward to seeing more in the future. **** 

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