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Party - One4Review

Party written by Tom Basden is a hilarious and sharp satire exposing the many hypocrisies in modern Britain. Anybody who has served on a committee will recognise the entrenched, pompous attitudes, the petty enmities and the sudden wandering off at tangents, all of which are cleverly demonstrated in this play. Four young people Gerard, Jonesy, Mel and Phoebe meet with the intention of forming a radical new political party. There is a fifth person, Duncan, brought along by Jonesy to ensure an odd number in order that, when votes are cast, there will be no dead heats. Duncan is just a touch dim and is bemused at first because he thinks he is coming to a proper party and not a political meeting. Although the four founder members appear to have common objectives, their inflated egos prevent them from agreeing to anything whether it is the name of the new party or its policies. When it comes to appointing a leader, all but Duncan desperately want the position. At last, they agree on a complex proportional representation system.  We can begin to predict who is going to win but the sumptuous final line of the play is a glorious conclusion. The cast including Tom Basden, Anna Crilly, Tim Key, Jonny Sweet and Katy Wix make the dialogue sparkle. Not surprisingly, there was a full house. Catch this play if you can. I can guarantee you will laugh and it may give cause for reflection. *****  

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