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The Beaux Stratagem  - One4Review

The Beaux’ Stratagem is a Restoration comedy written by Irish playwright George Farquhar (1677-1707). It is performed in the full costumes of the period – wigs and heaving bosoms a plenty. The plot involves two gentlemen, Aimwell and Archer, nearing impoverishment due to their hedonistic life style. They decide marriage into wealth is the way to restore their fortunes. The love interest is provided by two young ladies, Mrs Sullen, trapped in an unhappy marriage to her husband Sullen, and Sullen’s unmarried sister Dorinda. Through all kinds of complex intriguing the discovery of true love is the happy outcome. The cast did wonderfully well given the limited space in which to move and give full expression to the language of this form of theatre. The principals, Edward Lawrence and Tom Hackney as the two gentlemen, and Rachel Longstaff and Annette Emery as the two ladies give convincing performances. They are well supported by all the cast but special mention for Harvey Robinson as Sullen, Taran Wiseman as Cherry the maid and Isabel Evans as Scrub the servant for their comedy roles. This is an ambitious project for Cygnet theatre to stage and the company bring it off successfully. ****

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