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Lolita - One4Review

This is more like the Act Provocateur International I have become used to. Never afraid to take a chance, Vladimir Nabokov’s controversial piece has been adapted into 55 minutes by Victor Sobchak and Andy McQuade and given a late night run at Fringe 2006. Humbert, Mark Marlowe, an admirer of young women, moves into the house of Charlotte, Anne Winkes and her young daughter Lolita, Sophie Brookes. His attraction to the nymphet is immediate and his obsession with her leads to him marrying her mother rather than leaving the house. On her mothers death, his relationship with his step-daughter becomes physical and while he is in love, it is obvious her thoughts are different. Garth Maunders plays Lolita’s previous boyfriend, he drama teacher and latterly her husband as Lol’s life progresses. This play, directed by Andy McQuade, sensitively deals with the taboo, and the odd injection of humour eases the tension that builds within the audience. As with all API productions I have seen the performances drawn from a fine bunch of actors is excellent, and no matter the nature of the subject material, they should be supported on this basis alone, however when added to a story of this quality, ten even more so. ****

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