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Groom - One4Review

Another play on the Fringe dealing with internet ‘groom’ and it cannot be easy to write a piece on this subject without making it too dark, and yet it obviously is not a subject that can be treated lightly. Somehow writer David Wake manages to balance the complex equation. Tom, played by Phil Rea, is a older man who has been having an on-line relationship with Mandy. Although he may be aware that she is considerably younger, he does not deceive her by pretending to be other than he is, if anything 15 year old Mandy does the deceiving. The inevitable encounter  leads Tom to meet Amanda, as she claims to prefer and things start to go seriously wrong. For some reason Mandy and Amanda are played by two completely different actors, Karen Liese and Elizabeth Beumont, and as I suppose it could be to reinforce the attitude differences between Mandy and Amanda, it led to confusion at times. However, this is a play well worth checking out as a start to your Fringe day. ***

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