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Faultless and Torrance Take Their Faces Off - One4Review

Judith Faultless and Alys Torrance are a pair of comediennes who we previously saw in 2003 in the much acclaimed The Flirt Lab. They have impressive cv’s including radio and television, not to mention their work on the comedy circuit and are back gracing the Fringe with this splendidly funny, occasionally silly, but eminently watchable comedy piece based on the John Travolta, Nicholas Cage movie Face Off.

Faultless_and_torrance_Face_offIn an effort to save The Film Society, us the audience, from a bomb planted by Alys and her evil twin, Evil Alys, Faultless and Torrance take the steps of swapping faces, bodies and finally brains in this well written and creatively directed by Paul Arendt hour of mayhem.

Evil twins, imaginatively staged operations, sword play, popcorn and jiggling boobs are just some of the devices used to ‘assist’ the ladies in their quest to find the explosive before the end of the show.

This madcap adventure is certainly well worth checking out, but beware I have a feeling that the ‘Film Society’ could easily become over subscribed, so join while there is still available membership.


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