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Love, Marilyn - One4Review

Marilyn Monroe must be one of the most famous and beautiful women of the 20th Century, and many, many words have been written about her. This ambitious production of Love Marilyn, written by Valerie Goodwin, has as a cast of young actors, there is multimedia excerpts as well, does at least try to cover most of the facets of her life, but for me it misses the mark by quite a long stretch. There were some interesting ideas and some good acting performances but probably not enough to sustain nearly two hours the show ran. It was slightly confusing also to latterly have most of the female cast as ‘Marilyn’ led to some confusion and not with me alone. I do not know if this company has visited the Fringe before, as aspects of the whole production were entirely professional, even down to having merchandising, other aspects for example the programme patently for their pre Edinburgh run screamed amateur with a capital A. Anyway guys, I’m sorry, but you must try harder, and also try to cast a lead who looks vaguely like the intended icon, I’m afraid a bewigged Kelly Osbourne was who I thought I was seeing. *

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