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A Limited Run - One4Review

A play about about God can be a dangerous project, but this production should not upset the religious fraternity. Andy Gray fits comfortably into the role of a very Scottish God who has given up his heavenly mansion for a humble bed-sit somewhere in urban Scotland. The opening sequences and the main body of the play have their very funny moments as God comes to terms with living on his own in such humble circumstances. God relates various anecdotes such as his participation in ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’, and his disappointments and dreams as a St.Johnstone supporter. However, a more somber mood begins to emerge. God cannot be involved in the daily loss of innocent life and he is ultimately depicted as an eternally tortured being.  Good direction from Elaine C. Smith and Andy Gray puts in an excellent performance. He is a complete professional having the stage presence and the voice to be a convincing God. A Limited Run should play well to Scottish audiences, but it may not have a wider appeal due to its very Scottishness.  ****

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