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Which To Burn? - One4Review

Rose’s last look at her father, left her with memories of his smile and wave but why didn’t she tell him she loved him. She never saw him again and her mother never talked of him, sold all his books and lived like he barely existed. How did this shape Rose’s life, her obsession with mathematics, books, her father, with bridges mainly The Forth Rail Bridge? A supply teacher specialising in maths, this spinster is suspicious of almost everyone and everything but will her broken laptop expand her horizons in unexpected ways. More importantly how will finding one of her father’s books in a second hand bookshop affect her? This piece is beautifully written and performed by Rachel Ogilvy and directed by Paul Christie. There are subtle clues all round this intimate new performance space, hinting gently at aspects of the life of this woman, the story twists and turns leading up to a totally unexpected finale. The honesty and simplicity of the performance combined with the intricacy of the twists and turns of the plot make this an intriguing and enjoyable show. Particularly poignant to those who live or have spent time on either side of the Forth, this is a show all those who live locally yet complain about the Fringe should see and perhaps it would make them think twice. My one warning get there early or you won’t get in 1/ because you cross the stage to get into the venue 2/ once word gets out this will sell out daily. ****

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