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Like A Virgin - One4Review

This play by Gordon Steel was first performed in 1995 by the Hull Truck Theatre Company, and I witnessed their performance in The Assembly Rooms that year. The major difference with this production was the lack of acting space and the shortage of entrances and exits, which tended to make the production very one-sided in their performance. Angela, Danielle Sylva, is abandoned by her dad, who leaves his partner Viv, Alison Fendyke, when Angela is only 8. Viv is a mess but tries to straighten herself out. Then the production jumps a few years, Angela and her best mate Maxine, Susannah Moody are experiencing all the problems and dreams of adolescent teenagers and dishing all the angst that goes with it. Then the situation changes, with an earth shattering revelation for al concerned as this comic – tragic drama draws to its conclusion. Each actor turns in a very creditable performance and given the comments already made in respect to the staging, the direction is sound. A interesting piece of early evening theatre. ***

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