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Eclipse - One4Review

Although most of us may remember the total Eclipse of the Sun in August 1999 and as this is the subject matter of this show I thought it ironic that most of the cast seem too young to remember it. A group of friends are taken by their parents down to Cornwall to watch the Eclipse.  Whilst the adults are on the top of the cliffs the kids are down on the beach exploring the caves and playing.  During a game of hide and seek Midnight, blinded at 10 by looking at the sun, bumps literally into Lucy Lime. Although Lucy’s parents are on the cliffs with the other watchers Lucy herself just doesn’t seem to fit in. We join the action, as the children are being taken one by one and questioned about Lucy’s disappearance. We are transported back to the events of the day and observe the developments. Glue Girl and Pritt always out of it or spaced out seem to know something the others don’t! Or do they? An interesting show well performed by this 16 strong very young cast. ***

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