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The Straight Man - One4Review

Simon Kaye has a problem. His upbringing as a strict orthodox has prevented him informing his family his fiancé is not Jewish. Actually they don’t even know she exists or that the wedding is a week away. To help ease the shock he enlists his best man and best friend Shaun to pretend they are a couple. After all a non-Jew is preferable to a gay son. This farcical play portrays all that could be the best and also the worst in the nature verses nurture debate. Displaying just what people are prepared to do and just how far they  will go to get what they want. This play is very cleverly written and I am told those with a knowledge of the Jewish faith will get even more out of it than those of us without. The twists and turns are fun some of which are totally unexpected especially the end. The actors occasionally go overboard but this is very fitting. As the plot is presented to you on a plate and is very see through this is a show at which you can just sit back and enjoy without having to think too much. It is worth seeing for the light entertainment value. ***

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