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Amelia Jane Hunter is Keith Flipp - One4Review

How would you exist if from birth you are the embodiment of mixed sex identical twins in one body? How would it prepare you for life? The staid straight laced married sister Amelia Jane Hunter and the Drag-Queen brother Keith Flipp. Two totally different personalities in one body which one has the upper hand? And will it stay that way? This sensitively written piece seems to be leading you in one direction to suddenly take one or two unsubtle twists producing an unexpected climax! We are taken into the depth of this secret life but is it him or her who has the darker burden? A split personality is not easy to portray but Amelia or is it Keith does so with an increasing passion, which is compulsive viewing.  I was fascinated by the intricacies of the two personalities and a little shocked and surprised at the outcome.  Well written and beautifully performed this is a fascinating piece of theatre. ****

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