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The Pier Glass - One4Review

The Young Pleasance celebrates its 10th birthday with the launch of young Pleasance Scotland, the creation of a graduate ensemble and the return of the award-winning show ‘The Pier Glass’. Set in 1865 we follow the adventures of a band of strolling players on the journey to Porchester and during their time in the village. The interactions between the performers, the villagers and the people in the big house. Egos, alter egos, jealousy,  one-upmanship, ambitions and love all displayed for us to see reflections on life as if looking in a mirror. The set is very cleverly designed in that one object changes by simple means in to several vastly different items, the scene changes are smooth and efficient.  The reasonably large cast are directed around the stage with simple efficency. The characters and costumes totally believable, voices both spoken and sung are crystal clear and the action is easy to follow. This production, like most of the Young Pleasance productions I have seen in the past, are of a high professional quality. A superb show worth seeing keep your eyes out for the individual members of this excellent cast. ****

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