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Neville's Island - One4Review

Tim Firth’s very funny play is given a splendid interpretation by Sherbourne Theatre Company. Four executive types are on a company, team bonding, outward bound exercise but they become boat wrecked on a tiny island on Derwentwater in the Lake District.   Neville (Luke MacKay) is the team leader because he has done some camping before. Gordon (Ed Dixon) is the sceptic who is disenchanted with this team bonding nonsense. Angus (Hubert Mainwaring Burton) makes up for his lack of country knowledge by having spent a fortune on all manner of equipment stored in his rucksack. Roy (George Day) is a bird enthusiast and a dreamy, born again Christian. The humour in the play is largely centred on Ed Dixon’s performance. He comes through with flying colours, portraying scepticism turning to sheer frustration as their situation worsens. Having to spend a night in the fog with little chance of being rescued brings out the tensions in their relationships. The final scenes are both dramatic and humorous with an unexpected ending.   ****

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