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Killing Me Softly - One4Review

Welcoming us to the party, Micky Higgins, thanks all her friends for coming to the welcome home party-barbecue-karaoke for Sylvia his wife who is being released from hospital today. Micky then proceeds to tell the back-story of his life to date with a all the tragedy, and some of the joy leading us gradually up  to date. Events certainly have played their part in the character development of this chap as he struggles to come to terms with the situation, giving him excuses for bad behaviour until he pushes thins just that bit too far on an occasion or two. Occasionally through out the piece he breaks off from the story line to ‘talk’ to friends at the party, and even do some karaoke, often using well known tunes with his lyrics. I found this piece a little disjoined and feel that some devices that were used would have been better left out completely, or done slightly differently, but the performance delivered by Richard Fry was convincing.   ***  

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