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All Picasso's Women - One4Review

All Picasso’s Women has a contemporary setting in a London Art college. The play is in monologue style as we follow the hopes and dreams of five females, two teachers and three students. It is a play peppered with wry and arresting one-liners. In the opening sequence the characters come on to the stage one by one ; Albina (Lucia Pupilla), an American teacher, who recognises she has no great artistic ability and is so obsessed with Picasso it leads to sexual fantasizing ; Ciri (Citlalti Millan), of Maltese extraction who paints in a small, direct style ; Dando (Jennifer Enson) from a middle class background who paints as she feels ; Libby (Katie Costick) from a working class background who wishes to paint portraits. Finally, there appears Carolinda (Sherina Stewart), an art teacher who is still chasing her dreams to paint the perfect ‘Sun on Water’. As we are drawn into the play, we witness how each character perceives herself. All the cast perform with conviction giving credibility to their characters. The play finishes in a quiet melancholy way as each character exits one by one. It is an interesting challenge for male playwright Brian McAvera to attempt to reveal the personalities of an all female set of characters. Being male, I am not sure it wholly succeeds but you can judge for yourselves. ***

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