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The Journey of Jeannie Deans - One4Review

The Journey of Jeannie Deans is derived from ‘The Heart of Midlothian’ novel by Sir Walter Scott, adapted by Judy Steel for the Rowan Tree theatre Company. In this show we meet Effie Deans (Nicola Jo Cully) a wayward teenager, her sister Jeannie Deans (Hannah Read), Madge Wildfire (Zoe Hunter) a disturbed young woman of no fixed abode and an English actor (Sean Kane). Effie falls in love, gets into trouble and looses the child but thanks to the laws at the time she is imprisoned sentenced to death. Jeannie is approached to go to London and save her sister, her only method of transport is walking. There are other storylines twisted around this main one. Making this production interesting as is the fact that the four performers play all 11  characters. The show is cleverly written with some superb characterisations, interesting costume changes and some really great music. This is an ideal show for admirers of pure forms of theatre particularly those with traditionally Scottish themes. ****

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