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Lies Have Been Told - One4Review

Whatever viewpoint each person may have about Robert Maxwell, few would dispute he had charisma. Philip York, looking and sounding uncannily like Maxwell, conveys brilliantly the sheer power of his personality. The play leads to the inevitable climax of Maxwell’s mysterious death by drowning. Philip York toys with the audience as he outlines the possibilities; murder, due to the many enemies Maxwell had made; suicide, due to the collapse of his business empire and the likelihood of imprisonment, or simply an accident. Undoubtedly, Maxwell had experienced an exceptional ‘rags to riches’ life and this is established in the earlier scenes, during which he is frequently interrupted by telephone messages. These lead to the illustration of his complex personality. There is the darker side – the cynicism, arrogance and opportunism. However, he had been decorated for bravery in World War II and in his early twenties he had become a skilful and successful entrepreneur. The solo performance play can be difficult to sustain, but not in the case of this production. The tension builds and builds to hold the attention of the audience to the very final second. ****

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