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Reasonable Doubt - One4Review

Theatre Tours International Incorporating Guy Masterson Productions present six shows at this years Fringe Festival of which Reasonable Doubt is the first I am getting to see. What first attracted me to anything associated with Guy Masterson I just can’t remember but I do know anything he is vaguely associated with is Quality and that by going to see it you will be viewing a superb show. In Reasonable Doubt we meet Anna (Emma Jackson) and Mitchell (Peter Phelps) having met two years ago as jury members in a murder trial, which ended with no majority decision. Hearing news of a retrial Anna plans a reunion of all the original jurors who had spent time together in a downtown hotel never dreaming she would end up back in, all be it one of the plushest, a hotel room in Sydney with Mitchell. She has had an obsession with him since their first day in the courtroom and despite her guilty vote and his not guilty they seemed to form some sacred link.  We hear about the actions and reactions caused by their first meeting "justice, truth guilt, honour and courage must now be faced by both of them". Has this unspoken love between them shaped their lives in such a way the possible consequences could destroy them? Every successful theatrical production has certain requirements, a well-written script, sympathetic yet exacting direction and talented performers. Sets lighting, props, sound technicians etc are also important but without the basic backbones the rest is wasted. Written by Susie Miller this piece of theatre was so fascinating I was almost straining every sense incase I missed the slightest nuance. Guy’s directions so natural paying attention to the tiniest detail it would seem the two superb performers are not acting but reliving some hours of their own lives over each day. Finally this superb piece of theatre left me wanting to stand up at the end and scream "No you can’t leave it there!" but actually an alternative ending just wouldn’t be as effective. ***** Other shows by TTI & Guy Masterson productions, ‘Scaramouche Jones’, ‘Weights’, ‘Vincent’ and ‘Absolution’.
By Suzie Miller with Peter Phelps and Emma Jackson Directed by Guy Masterson.

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