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Are You There? - One4Review

3 Stars


Are You There? was written by Argentinean playwright Javier Daulte. This production has been adapted by Charlie Ward, who also directs, and is in two short acts.

It is a mysterious and, indeed, chilling play. This mood is created immediately. Set in the flat of Francisco (Jamie Wightman), he is addressing a person who is invisible and has no voice. There is conflict between the two. Frequent phone interruptions occur as Francisco is awaiting the return of his girlfriend, Anna (Charlotte Duffy). As the conflict intensifies, Francisco is desperate for Anna to return. Anna is aware of the invisible intruder. The first act comes to an end with Anna’s return.

At this point, it would be unfair to give away any further details how the plot develops in the second act. Simply to say, the mystery and sense of unease is heightened. This is a play which sucks you in and the tension compels your attention to the very last moment.

Reviewed by Ben

Venue; Venue Number – Zoo Roxy; V115

Dates – 6 to 30 August 2010 (not 11, 17, 25)

Times – 17.00 to 18.10

Fringe Programme Page Number: 227

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