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Sean Hughes – Ducks and Other Mistakes I’ve Made - One4Review

4 Stars


Sean Hughes material is right on the edge and uncompromising. It definitely is not sanitised comedy ready to transfer to TV. After a break from stand up, he now is a man with attitude and things to say. If you are prepared to take the journey with him, you will be rewarded with a barrowload of laughs.

He is angered by the hypocrisies we see all around us, for example in politics and religion.

Over an hour of venting bile he concedes would be too much and he changes tack by taking stock of where he is in life. Now in his mid 40’s, he is content despite changes in body in mind. There is now more of him physically and the mind is less able to concentrate. As his parents are aging, he reflects back to his upbringing in his teenage years.

There appears to be a loose construct in his running order. There are juicy one liners as he banters periodically with the audience. He seems to have plenty material in his head and just follows his instinct, gauging the audience reaction. I would imagine his style could be a difficult take for some. It is adult and uninhibited, yet truthful.

Reviewed by Ben

Venue; Venue Number – Gilded Balloon Teviot; V14

Dates – 4 to 19 August 2010 (not 11)

Times – 20.00 to 21.15

Fringe Programme Page Number: 120

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